Thursday, March 08, 2012

Swiss Cafe 瑞士㗎啡室, Wanchai Road HK

This place used to be a small shopping mall on the junction of Burrows Street and Wanchai Road (remember where the old cinema Capital cinema 京都戲院 is? This place is just off a block north of Capital cinema.). This mall was also my weekly visiting place as there are several record shops selling some imported vinyl discs, or I can say Sino Centre Mongkok and this place were the 2 most visited places back to the 80's. Remember those record shop names "The Beat", "Rock Gallery"?
Now here is Swiss Cafe. For those who are native HK people, Swiss chicken is no stranger at all. Again and repeatedly, the old story is from the Tai Ping restaurant for their sweet sauce chicken (sauce in dark soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar and bay leave) that the waiters and their western guests miscommunicated and so mistakenly call it "Swiss chicken".
I didn't order the Swiss chicken. Instead I had a black pepper steak dinner set (my high school favourite) at HK$60. This time they served a smoked salmon salad. At my first glance, I doubted if I should put it in my mouth. Surprisingly the salmon isn't bad though the portion is not big. Actually I prefer they serve some decent food in smaller portion rather than a junk of unwanted food. I was surprised they used some fresh fruits instead of canned mixed fruits. Actually fresh food is now cheaper than canned fruits. They used some green and red apples and some pear. This is what we call an appetizer. The toast is nice too (fresh bread used). So good to go with the aromatic Russian Borsch soup. The steak is also above average. At least the meat isn't that soda marinated. I like the veggie on the side to make it less greasy.


Mickey Mouse said...

ar i like that HK style borsch soup, was my favorite soup in my schooling days, and still it is ..

Anonymous said...

hey seems like you travel alot.:) what exactly do you do for a living?

Stella said...

This is the typical type of steak house I went in my school days.
The steak with nice salmon salad, soup and bread is only $60 HK? What a good price.

Is Tai Ping Restaurant the same as Tai Ping Koon famous of the pigeon/squab?

Hello Anonymous,
You are smart to notice SEA travels a lot.
My friends also asked the same question you did.
He is a full time traveler and eater.

in the sea said...

Brought some of my business friends and they all like this place. At first, they thought it's just a shop of gimick.
Anonymous and SS, thanks for the comments. If I have some postings and photos for my house cleaning and cooking...etc., I would have been considered as a typical family man. If I post some photos of how my heavy stack of documents, I would have been thought that I am a typist or clerical assistant. If I show about how I wanna be a disco DJ (with my mixing machine), I would have been thought I am chic and rebellious person.
Of course, I can name even more and more, but that can be very boring. So it's all about how the presentation and writing are. :)

Stella said...

That means Sea is a well rounded person with lots of hobbies and talents.
Yes Anonymous, SEA is a full time traveler, eater, legal typist, CEO, Ambassador for Thailand and HKK, and a part time DJ, chef, photo coach, writer, counselor, and social worker.

in the sea said...

Har... for the last 3, I don't think so. I would love to be a DJ and a chef among all.

Stella said...

You are good at the last three although you may not aware of or you don't want to be.