Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chocolab, Sofitel So, Sathorn/Rama 4 joint BKK

Just as its name, everything in the shop is all chocolate in such an intrigued decoration.  Feels like being in another wonderland.  Got an iced mocha.  Pretty good.  I can say it's a very heavy cocoa mass and the hot choco. is even a double recipe of a classic hot choco. drink (normally the classic recipe is double thickness of quite many common choco. drink, i.e. this one is quadruple of the common one).  You can dilute it into 4 portions if you want a common one - very economical.  After so many years I had a big pimple after a few sip of this drink.  It told how rich and original of this choco. drink.
P.S. the shop quoted a famous line from "Forrest Gump" - Life is like a box of Chocolate (you never know what you are gonna get.).


Mickey Mouse said...

oh oh chocolatelab, that taste was still lingered ..

in the sea said...

It even last in my throat over the next day. Got some coughing. A warm reminder from my grand ma of her constant note about eating choco. can get some coughing (due to its cocoa mass oil).