Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Izumi Curry, Hysan Place Causeway Bay HK

 The shop claimed on its house signature home-made hamburg steak (normal one at HK$85 and a giant one at HK$98); so I had to give it a try of course.  The steak was used with mixed pork and beef.  Supposed it's a nice combination, but somehow it lacks the texture (from not having enough stir for more sticky and firm texture).  Yet, it wasn't aromatic enough - lacking some sort of meat flavour.  The curry sauce was so so.  Fortunately the snack deep fried chicken was pretty nice.


Mickey Mouse said...

meat lacking of enough favor maybe due to use of cheap ingredients such as hundred years deep frozen meats ..

in the sea said...

I think so, but if that's the case, then use some seasoning to cover it up.