Monday, December 31, 2012

The Sarojin resort, Khao Lak, SW Thailand

 Read about this resort many times as it's one of the hot listed choice in the travel magazines.  The resort is about 2km south of Le Meridien and just next to Kantary.  Again, don't trust Google map.  There are a number of resorts mis-located on Google map.  Better get the actual address and find out by the Moo district no. to get the more appropriate location.  In the Google map, Beyond resort is mis-located south of The Sarojin; whereas it should be 0.5km north of Le Meridien - over 3km distance error.  Having said that, Google map is good for me to get the landscape reading.
Back to this resort, it is situated quite back behind a small stream of some stagnant water (photo 7).  The villas don't have any sea view at all but just some green around.  The resort has a floating plank pier (photo 1) during off monsoon season (Nov. to Mar.) for yacht sailing out to the Andaman Sea.


Mickey Mouse said...

har floating pier, quite interesting. this resort is pretty calm and nice.

in the sea said...

Yes, some resorts in Koh Lanta and Khao Lak do have this kind of floating pier for a stylish sea transportation.