Wednesday, December 19, 2012

滬江飯店, Wu Kong restaurant, Causeway Bay HK

 Every time if I had quite a no. of unhappy meals, I would immediately go back to some of my favourite restaurants for a healing.  Wu Kong is one of the healing "hospital".  This time they had something new on the menu.  Photo 1: Jasmine smoked duck - as noted, it's quite moist with a strong duck meat flavour with the right amount of smoked aroma.  See the cutting skill - very evenly thin cut.  The chilled cucumber lifted the strong meat flavour to a fresh sweet drop to the dish.  Then on photo 2, they made this renowned deep fried yellow fish in sweet and sour sauce.  Highly recommended.  Photo 3 is the  sesame dumpling in ginger sweet.  Nice dumpling wrap but the ginger was a bit too strong that I had to dilute it a bit.  *the last 2 photos were taken at close to 11pm.  That's why no one was around.


Anonymous said...

I heard this place is good for Shanghai food.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow wow wow Wu Kong again.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's a Shanghai restaurant plus some Northern Chinese dishes.