Monday, December 03, 2012

雲腿蒸鷄,吊片蒸肉餅 (美心皇宮大酒樓) Steamed chicken with Chinese golden ham & steamed pork patty with dried squid by Maxim's Palace Restaurant Taikooshing, HK

 Tried ordering the dish on photo 1 many times but sold out.  I then called to reserve one.  That told why it was sold out that easily.  Glad that this one was made in such a classic way.  No fancy thing of XXX chicken plus YYY Chinese ham.  The 2nd dish is also a classic one and see how the original Cantonese steamed patty (the thickness and the just right juicy).  I really don't agree to those super thick patty as that would have a strange "suffocating" meat odour.  Don't know why those fusion "mini volcano" patty is such a talk of the town.

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Stella said...

These two are the good old dishes in my school days.