Friday, December 21, 2012

麥兆記雲吞麵 Mak Siu Kee Wonton Noodle shop, Wanchai HK

 Read the article in the shop about its origin - quite a long article but strange that I still couldn't figure out on how it claimed to be related to Mak Um Kee on a some sort of son-in-law with this and that relationship.  Anyway, the noodle is pretty nice - very evenly thin and al-dente.  The wonton is not bad, but the worst part is the soup.  It was quite bitter (probably from the over-burnt of the dai di fish).  The veggie wasn't too fresh.  So half and half, I'd prefer to go back to Mak Um Kee.


Anonymous said...

Wonton noodle soup is always my favorite.
I had wonton noodle soup at Jean Dull at HK Airport yesterday; quite good to me.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh the soup is very important to me.

in the sea said...

Got it! Will bring you to Mak Um Kee then.