Sunday, December 16, 2012

Im Thailand Ramen Life Center, Sathorn BKK

 Surprised with the less seasoning of the food from this shop.  If I cook at home, I also prefer cooking  with less seasoning or salt/sugar...etc.  Our body is severely burdened with lots of sodium and chemicals everyday.  Wherever and whenever possible, we really need to give our body's organs a vacation.   After all, the food isn't bad and some pretty fresh ingredients were used.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes, nice simple meal. old brand See Fah is really quite okay, much different than that yucky S&P.

in the sea said...

S&P... not sure if the Hagen Daz has something to do with them, even the ice cream of Hagen Daz is quite different (on the worse side) - ultra sweet and not that melty.