Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tak Kee Chiu Chow restaurant 德記潮洲菜館, Western district, Hong Kong

It was 5:30pm. My sister's family and I were at the door of this restaurant Tak Kee and we got the last table and there went up a long line. Tak Kee has been in Western District for a long time and now expanded to a bigger shop on Belcher's Street (卑路乍街).

1. Chiu Chow pickled. I really wanna tell Chiu Kong Chun to try these 2 small dishes. These are the original taste of Chiu Chow pickled. These 2 are very original and authentic. 2. Fish in aged vinegar 陳醋鳳尾魚 HK$28. The fish was deep fried so well that you can even eat the bones too. The vinegar is also nice and it's not that acidic. So this is a really good aged vinegar. Highly recommended.

3. Tiny clams with chives HK$28. Another delight and this one is very good to go with Chiu Chow rice porridge. 4. Goose meat and mixed platter HK$98. So this is the real goose meat. Chiu Kong Chun gotta taste this one! The Lo Shui (shimmering sauce) is perfect! The kidney is very tender!

5. Chinese foie gras from the above no. 4. It's awesome! BTW, there are only 2 of it. Gotta be fast. 6. Deep fried oyster cake HK$50. Very crispy and light. Good frying technique. Must try!

7. Oyster rice porridge HK$60. This portion is huge and good for 10 bowls. Jason declared a "war" to me for taking 10,000 bowls. They put the "big earth" fish chunks in it and made the whole porridge so nice. Must try too. 8. Stir fried Kai Lan with "Big Earth" fish HK$50. My favourite stir fried! I love this fish chunks.

9. Taro sweet paste - very smooth and aromatic. Of course, the lard in it is the key. Can't complain. 10. See all these Chiu Chow cold dishes.

11. the shop entrance. 12. A boarder view.


Stella said...

Dinner at 5:30 PM already started the long line, what a popular restaurant.
Item 1 and 2 are my favorite. Yes the Chiu Chow salty preserved veggie here looks very authentic. I also like the "Fung May Yu" very much. I always buy the canned one from Tak Shing Hong.
The Taro Mud is not that oily though.
This restaurant looks very "local" and authentic with good price. Quite a contrast of Chiu Kong Chuen's.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's a very popular place and most of all, they didn't increase the prices due to its popularity, like most other restaurants.

Nick said...

no english menu for pointing right? really want to eat here but dont speak or read chinese? what can i do?

in the sea said...

Hi Nick, I remember they have an English menu as the last two times there were some customers asking for that, and I saw they handed them the English menu. Please go there by 5:30pm or after 8:30pm. It's very crowded.

Nick said...

Heading to HK in a few days? How late does Tak Kee Chiu Chow stay open on the weekend?

in the sea said...

Hi Nick,

I think they close at around 10-11pm, but if you come too late, some dishes may be run out. I'd rather suggest you coming here before 5:30pm. Wishing you a nice time in HK! Cheers!

Nick said...

I had dinner here the other night and loved it. Thank you for the help. I had the famous goose, oyster porridge,and fish in aged vinegar. One of my favorite restaurants in HK

in the sea said...

Glad to hear you had a nice dinner, and also to know that the restaurant has kept up its standard. That made me wanna visit this restaurant soon. Thanks for the updates. Enjoy your trip in HK. Cheers.

Nick said...

I'm already back in NY, the trip was too short, only 6 nights. My other favorite HK meal was at Yuet Wah Hui Seafood restaurant on Lockhart Rd in Wan Chai. Anyone been there or know of it?

in the sea said...

Wow.. Yuet Wah Hui was my most favourite years ago. Just as it got more and more crowded, I stopped going there. I am kind of the person who can't "wait". Their stir fried dishes are excellent!