Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Spring review: Cucina, Italian restaurant, JW Marriott Mai Khao, Phuket, Thailand

Apart from the serene environment of Mai Khao beach, the restaurants of the various resorts here are my important considerations in staying here. After quite many phone calls, finally I could fill up someone's cancelled booking on the last night that I was in Mai Khao. The restaurant did really have a good business. Glad to see it do so well in these 3 years. The first time I was here it wasn't that busy and they still had those semi-buffet of antipasti/dessert bar and a selection of main course from the menu.
I do miss their wild mushroom soup (photo 6) and beef carpaccio (photo 5) a lot. So we had these 2 again. Then I had the seafood salad, pizza with Phuket lobster and risotto of baby asparagus and blue crab meat. Among all these, the risotto deserves a 2 thumbs up. Some very fine sun-dried tomatoes were put in it to bring up the freshness of the blue crab meat and balance the slightly cream sauce.
On the dessert, we tried the panna cotta with mixed berries and chocolate vanilla Napoleon cake. Apparently these 2 were made in a very classic way that some sponge cake was blended into the panna cotta. The chocolate vanilla cake tasted also very classic that we miss in the old days. The only flaw of the whole meal is the pizza. Actually I shouldn't order it as I know Phuket lobster isn't that appealing. Should order something like parma ham or simply a mushroom pizza.


Mickey Mouse said...

a heaven eatery at Mai Khao .. LIKE!

btw, Minibar Royale serves surprisingly good wild mushroom soup too ..

in the sea said...

I recall that one from Minibar Royale, but it may take some time for me to calm down after the 7th heaven breakfast at Citadines Cafe (6-11am of Minibar Royale). 仲食緊驚風散.... :0: