Thursday, April 12, 2012

My annual Khao Chae at Tea Room by Grand Hyatt BKK

April is a lovely month for the fall of Spring and the coming of Summer in HK, but already a heat summer in Thailand. The season for Khao Chae (rice in chilled jasmine water with condiments) (photo 6/9) is there again. I prefer the way Tea Room makes the chilled jasmine water - not too overwhelming but not too light. This time we had other dishes, as deep fried chicken pieces (photo 4), pomelo salad (5), stir fried bitter gourd leaves (7), steamed fish mousse (8) and Pad Thai (9/10). All are pretty nice and at some reasonable prices from THB160-280. *BTW, their Thai iced tea is pretty good too. Most of all, they serve the syrup on the side. So the Thai iced tea is just only slightly sweetened with the condensed milk.


Stella said...

I think I have been here at least 2 times for Khao Chae and high tea. At least once with the Angel and the other time with my 3 best friends.
I like this tea room very much.
Thank you for bring me here.

in the sea said...

In terms of price and food, Tea Room is still worth trying.

Anonymous said...

Is always nice to see your blog updated with bkk.. ^^

I just came back last week.. but now already missing it..

Keep up with the updates..


in the sea said...

Thanks for the note. Glad to hear you just came back from BKK. Must be a very happy songkran over there. :)

J said...

yeah was fun ^^