Friday, April 13, 2012

Rip-off breakfast at Chu's Cafe, True Fitness tower, Asoke, Sukhumvit BKK

So after the interesting one-kitchen-two-system breakfast at Minibar Royale, I was frustrated in finding another place for breakfast but simply checked the one nearer to Park Plaza soi 18. Chinese saying - don't care if it's good or bad, convenience matters 唔理好醜,只要就手.
So I was given a breakfast with a panini set at around THB260-320. Then I ordered an iced mocha together with a roast beef panini. The bill came and showed a separate charge of the iced mocha of THB130. As I checked with the waitress, then she pointed at the small square box on the menu "add THB100 for a hot coffee/tea and a brownie". I decided not to argue with them about why Panini set is titled on the menu, since the waitress didn't respond with a word.
The iced mocha is not bad, but the panini is awful - too hard to chew. The filling is not bad but just over-cooked. Waste of food. On photo 2, one thing caught my attention. Choose from dark chocolate 58%, milk chocolate 35% and white chocolate 28%. It has been known to most people that dark and milk chocolate are one type of chocolate with varying cocoa solids, but white chocolate is another type of chocolate without cocoa solids.
On photo 3, check on a note on right top. do not bring food and drink from outside, esp. Starbucks and Cha Lee. So by now we know who the owner of this shop is.
In conclusion, the lesson learned from here tells us not to take the most of convenience. So the next morning I walked across the street and got a very nice breakfast of a 6 inch sub-sandwich with a hot coffee from Subway at just THB69. At least the bread of Subway is far much better than this place.


Stella said...

Subway is a safe place to have sandwich.

in the sea said...

Yes, and it's very healthy too as it has quite some balanced veggie.