Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rip off dinner at Wing Wah won ton noodle shop 永華雲吞麵家, Wanchai, Hong Kong

This shop used to be my regular visit when I was around in Wanchai years ago. Their won ton and red bean sweet were superb. Back then their prices were at the same level as the other won ton shop.
Unfortunately, after Michelin rated this shop as a recommended visited one, their prices became rocket high. The bill for the below is HK$235. Won ton noodle at HK$34 (market average price at around $20-25 for famous shop, common one at $14-18), pig knuckle's tossed noodle HK$53 (vs. $28-35), Kai Lan with dried shrimp roe HK$35 (vs. HK$20-25, but not in such a small portion), deep fried fish skin HK$22 (vs. HK$7-12), shrimp veggie dumpling HK$34 (vs. HK$18-25), Chinese herbal tea 桑寄生茶 HK$18 (vs. HK$10-12), red bean sweet HK$22 (vs. HK$6-12). First, the noodle isn't tangy as before though it claimed to be a "bamboo rod pressed" noodle. Then the noodle wasn't tossed well. It came as a "bag" of noodle. Won ton and dumplings were already made and the wrap is too mashy. Soup base isn't aromatic at all. Pig's knuckle wasn't shimmered well. Then the herbal tea is so so. The red bean sweet is too thin. Really not the same as before. I gotta put a foot stop to this shop. My loving memory is completely washed away...
*Please check the photo no. 9. Their pomelo skin is charged crazily at HK$110. Jade Garden or similar restaurant charged only HK$72. So their bottled coke/sprite is even at HK$13 (vs. HK$5-7 for won ton shop). Crazy! Even something not made by them, but just sold at this hop can be double high. Reward and rating can make them a business but also destroy them on their ecstasy of ego. Sigh but a good mirror education for us.


Mickey Mouse said...

maybe Wing Wah need to pay kick-back to the 'star' ..?

Stella said...

You are so creative Mickey.
Yes we took a class of Murphy's Law here: people get advancement for what they are good at to a higher level that eventually will destroy them.
For example: A super salesman good at sales may not be suitable to be a manager. A movie star may not be able to run a State(such as our celebrity Governor).
As to this noodle place, it lost its competitiveness once it rose its price to the level that it is not deserved.

in the sea said...

Or the saying "water" can hold a boat to float, but also sink it.

Stella said...

Yes you are right Sea.