Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Renaissance Mai Khao at night, Phuket Thailand

After getting a Fujifilm X100, I seldom bring a tripod on the trips. The F2 and big censor are amazing to take any photos under very dim light. It just amplifies the ambient light by more than 10 years. Yes, all the below photos shouldn't be like this, especially on the last photo with such a deep blue sky from the light around (a bit hand-shaking on the last photo though).


Mickey Mouse said...

member the ugly (actually it is not, but it was what i said) new HTC One ads we saw at BTS station, turned out it is a F2 camera phone with Beat Audio, oh what a phone ..

Stella said...

Nice hotel at night time.
Will tell my friend to view.

in the sea said...

Nowadays those gadgets often have some tie-in promo. to polish their names. Just like Nakamichi also has some usb-powered mini-speakers.