Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breakfast at the cafe Waterfront, JW Marriott Khao Lak, SW Thailand

In general, the buffet is pretty nice in terms of variety and food quality. The drink station has some healthy smoothies such as mint/pineapple/orange, strawberry/papaya, banana/mango...etc. in addition to the standard fruit juice. Bread and pastry are pretty good. Besides, I am impressed with the staff friendly and discerning services that they would remember some of the guests' preference. The staff would serve some freshly made cake or pastry like the brownie on the last photo.


Mickey Mouse said...

just wonder why TH government doesn't divide the Southern region into Southwest and Southeast so tourists r easier to recognize them with less confusion ..

in the sea said...

Agreed and at least someone should know where to tour in different season. For instance, in the winter time, weather would be quite stormy in the south east when north east wind blows from China. Then in the summer time south west would be affected by the Andaman's south west monsoon wind. However, when either monsoon wind is much too strong, the other side would also be affected.

Stella said...

Nice breakfast here.