Tuesday, December 06, 2011

源記茶餐廳, Yuen Kee Restaurant TST HK

Yuen Kee started its business on Hart Avenue in Tsimshatsui in the late 80's. The shop was pretty small at that time with only 7-8 tables, serving a simple menu of beef brisket/belly..etc. noodles as well as wonton and beef balls. The shop had a very strong ventilator fanning the strong aroma of its beef stew. That's how a 4D promotion of its beef stew. The shop is now a big local style tea restaurant re-located on Granville Road, serving not only beef noodle but also BBQ and stir fried dishes. I somehow still go for their beef noodle soup. Think of the old time how I took their beef noodle by myself on the quiet Hart Avenue of the 80's, out of the hustling crowded Tsimshatsui.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes beef brisket soup noodle at Yuen Kee, another old friend, and collective memory perhaps!

Stella said...

Yes very collective memory.
Simple beef brisket noodle brings back lots of good memory.
Beef brisket noodle and Char Siu Rice are my favorite lunch since high school.
I miss the "May Lien" next to Pui Ching Middle School.