Thursday, December 15, 2011

Starbucks, Central Festival Pattaya, Thailand

The deco. of this Starbucks is pretty impressive - spacious, higher ceiling and the cozy color and material used. Besides, it's not that busy and if you want a quiet place for a coffee with friends and that you wanna stay away from the busy area of downtown Pattaya, it's a good place for a drink.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes this branch in Pattaya city is nicely decorated, ppl may think it is in Europe!

Stella said...

Yes so nice and cozy here that I can come everyday.
That is the success of Starbucks.
They sell atmosphere, home feel more than coffee.

in the sea said...

They really need to have some attractive deco. to remind customers of their existence. This one is very impressive to me.

Stella said...

Yes this one has good design and cozy feel. Very appealing.