Thursday, December 29, 2011

Olive, Mediterranean restaurant of JW Marriott Khao Lak, SW Thailand

Visited here on a less busy day and so the quality and service were in a better shape, as compared to a re-visit that the quality and service dropped due to more customers. Anyway, on the first visit, all the dishes are impressive. The Chef came to suggest us take the freshly imported buffalo cheese (photo 2). Turned out it's superb. The scallop (photo 2) is very fresh on a bed of cauliflower mousse. Then the seafood soup (photo 3) is very aromatic in a nice tomato stock. The pizza is in a nice dough and a right amount of cheese, baked in wood fire oven. Photo 5 shows another main course - grilled sea bass filet. The chef used some very fresh ingredients and cook without much seasoning, just a very nice butter lemon sauce to go with. Desserts are Panna Cota and Warm choco. cake in ginger sauce.


Mickey Mouse said...

how come the Italian restaurant looks so Thai, while the Thai restaurant looks so European .. i mean the chairs and decor

in the sea said...

Maybe they used to be reverse. Olive and Water Front are the western style cafe in one section. Ta Kra and Sakura being the Asian restaurants are in another section.

Mickey Mouse said...

four restaurants in one resort, this JW has 5-star standard in basic, not bad!

Stella said...

Mickey you are very observant. I think they reverse chairs and decor for nix and match.

So Sea got focused on JW Marriott for his recent trip huh.

No more MO this time.

in the sea said...

Actually I noticed JW Marriott in Thailand have this kind of standard with 4 restaurants at least.
SS, my past stays recently include Jumeirah, Aleenta, MO, Park Plaza, Centara Gand, Sheraton.