Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nan Xiang Siu Lon Bao shop, Causeway Bay HK

Couldn't visit the original shop in Yue Yuan in Shanghai. So I came back their HK branch and I got more than its renowned siu lon bao, and they are:
1. drunken chicken. 2. drunken pig's knuckle. 3. fish filet in vinegar soup. 4. spare ribs in plum sauce (*this is the Chinese preserved salty sweet plums.). 5. spinach in fish soup. 6. Tan Tan noodle. 7. deep fried pork chop. 8. stewed meat balls (lion head). 9. siu lon bao. 10. steamed veggie bun. 11. mini dumplings in rice wine sweet. 12. pancake with red bean paste.
All are very nice, esp. the drunken dishes, the soup, the pork chop and the spare ribs in plum sauce, and most of all, their must-try siu lon bao. This branch has even further improved with their other Shanghai dishes, as compared to my visit of 1.5 years ago. Very impressive.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow a Nan Xiang's branch in HK, u guys r so lucky ..

dish # one to three r my most favorites,and the Nan Xiang's xiao-long-bao of course, just look at the texture, it is really a bao (bun texture), shame that Din Tai Fung

in the sea said...

I got told that they opened a shop in Bali. Very interesting. Wish they open one in BKK real soon.

Any local 3-6-9 Shanghai restaurant is already 2 streets away beating Din Tai Fung. :)

Thailand Club said...

Bali has first line tourists who understand what good CN food should be!

if Nan Xiang opens one in BKK, not sure she can survive or not, i witness a few very good and authentic CN restaurants ended up leaving the country, coz bigwig aunties and high-so hipsters hv different palates, and advertorial and trend lead them where to eat rather than their taste buds and knowledge in cuisine, that's why Din Tai Fung (the one Taiwanese don't eat) and Four Seasons (the London duck shop, not the hotel, i was told that it got busy is due to cheap price and overseas students support, local CN foodies don't eat at Four Seasons) hv long queue in front of them ..

Stella said...

It is not hard to win Ding Tai Fung at all.

Still don't understand why Ding Tai Fung is so successful everywhere.

Limited choices, small portion, high price.