Monday, December 12, 2011

Chu cafe, True Fitness Tower, Asoke BKK

TC recent post reminded me of the time I visited here. I didn't take it on purpose, but the 2 staff in the counter were working busy with their phones most of the time. Then take a look at photo 2. The left one is their so-called "xxx" dark choco. The right one is iced mocha. The front is hot mocha. Nothing wrong with my camera. This is the true color of these drinks. So the taste is "milk" and "sugar" with about 10% of chocolate and coffee flavour.


Mickey Mouse said...

haha u hv a better dslr, ao u can show the REAL look of Chu's chocolate drinks without distortion .. so-called a chocolate specialty with French ingredients, shameful

if i am the French Embassy, i will gather information, and hv the French chocolate supplier, sue Chu

in the sea said...

French ingredients? Maybe 001% of it.