Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hagen Daz, Windsor House, Causeway Bay, HK

Hagen Daz has been doing pretty well in HK with more and more new shops in many prime location. Yet, most of the shops are having a good business. My nephew specially requested his most favourite warm chocolate cake (photo 2). I had a small bite and know why my nephew insisted on it. I took a green tea shake and it's a bit milky to me. My sister took a waffle (photo 3). I of course had another bite. That's really worth waiting for a table.


Mickey Mouse said...

Haagen Dazs in BKK will never hv good cakes, coz they r from S&P, Haagen Hazs is blind to choose S&P as partner in Thailand ..

if Haagen Dazs choose another partner, or run by own, it will be very successful in Thailand, not like now, "hang half in the air"

like Starbucks, first yr under a franchise license to a famous local runner, for the whole year only one branch opened, so Starbucks is smart (and professional) to smell the "eye-high hand-low" of TH operator, so in second yr Starbucks bought back the rights, and run by themselves since then .. very successful now

in the sea said...

Hagen Daz can afford running its shops in Thailand. Now it's really half up and half down.

Stella said...

All the ice cream here look nice and yummy.
The green tea shake looks tempting.
The warm chocolate cake looks tasty.
Wonder why they don't have these in LA.
What a big discrimination.

in the sea said...

Then take it as a fitness program for you.

Stella said...

Haagen Dazs in LA has no decoration.
Even the one inside Venetian is so simple like a food court(the photo in Day Two where I was using BB phone is at Haagen Dazs at Venetian).

in the sea said...

They care about the food maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

in the sea said...

Thanks Anonymous.