Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chor Moung, Sky Dining, Siam Discovery Center BKK

When I searched the English romanized name of this Thai restaurant on google, I typed "Siam Discovery Center Sky Dining Thai restaurant". There it showed TC's post of this restaurant in top priority, not even could I find it on Siam Discovery own page.
Everything seems to be in a loop. A decade ago, friends and I came to Siam Discovery Center quite often for the first generation of Oishi's buffet and shopping at Loft. In the subsequent 6-7 years, we almost forgot this mall. Half year ago, the level 6 & 7 of this mall have been renovated and several restaurants came in, including this one. Fellows pointed at this restaurant out of curiosity. As TC arrived, we got a confident affirmative note that we came in a right restaurant. Not just confidence, but also my regular choices for some local Thai dishes further verify this restaurant is a nice one. What's more, its deco. and environment are so good for a sunny lunch.


Mickey Mouse said...

OMG, Oishi, almost forget this name too, now it had its third time renovation finished just a month ago, i salute to Khun Tan (founder of the Oishi Group and former CEO), a super genius in marketing, need not to be graduate from Harvard ..

Chor Moung, a good restaurant, should hv our support!

in the sea said...

It's good about blogging. Every now and then we would think of something good old memory. OK, let's support Chor Moung more in the coming season!

Anonymous said...

This place is surprisingly good.