Sunday, December 04, 2011

醉瓊樓, Tsui King Lau, Wanchai HK

The name of this restaurant is not patented but it often reminds me of the first time my mother brought me to the one in Hong Kong Mansion (Causeway Bay). I still remember the deco. of that restaurant is like what's in photo 1, but so crowded and noisy. The first time I tried a chicken in such a aromatic salty flavour. I was so impressed with it even though I might be just around 5 years old.
On and off it's hard to find a nice chicken among the various Tsui King Lau. Until 2003, my best friend and I found this one in Wanchai. Their chicken is awesome and not even a single time I would be disappointed. At this latest visit, I tried their bitter bourd with pomfret. I was thrilled and even inspired to try this dish by myself. I like the way they used bitter gourd to shimmer the pan fried pomfret and the black bean sauce isn't too overwhelming. Everything goes so well with each other.


Mickey Mouse said...

aiya, another old friend to made my mouth water ..

in the sea said...

Ok, I will eat double for you next time. :)

Anonymous said...

You have to eat triple for me too.
This place used to be the frequently visited restaurant with my brother in our old days.


in the sea said...

No problem and a sales slogan "try my best.".

Stella said...

Yes "go all the way and try your best", a TVB slogan.