Friday, December 30, 2011

Sakura, Japanese restaurant of JW Marriott Khao Lak, SW Thailand

When I first looked at the name of this restaurant, I had my slight prejudice that it wouldn't be good. So in order to find it out, just one meal doesn't hurt. Glad that my opportunity cost was well justified. Besides, I am surprised with all the food being served in nice good quality, from sashimi, teppanyaki to even the difficult buffet deep fried stuff tempura. I had 3 orders of teppanyaki beef filet, as they serve quality tenderloin beef filet. THB990 net is really a big bargain. Check the last 2nd and 3rd photos. See that kid getting the rice. I noticed he and his sister got several plate of steamed rice and teriyaki chicken and each plate is at least with 2-3 bowls of rice. What's more, even some other guests keep getting steamed rice. Out of curiosity, I had to get some (the last 3rd photo). It's some very nice fresh imported Japanese rice - so fragrant with rice aroma! That's why I could still finish it even after the dessert.


Mickey Mouse said...

Japanese teppanyaki buffet, maybe JW specialty, JW Bangkok also offer a brunch buffet at Tsu and Nami ..

Stella said...

Looks very nice food and environment.
I just had lunch today with a old colleague from HK.
She said lots of sashimi in HK is from Japan.
SO when she comes back to LA she eats sashimi a lot since most of the sashimi here is local.

Paranoid Android said...

Happy New Year, my friend. May your tear be filled with good luck, good health, good friends and good food! May you be Happy always!

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I was abroad for work.

in the sea said...

Mickey, even the one at the ex-Marriott Resort & Spa (on the river) also offer Teppanyaki. :)
SS, better eat some CA sashimi within this year. My friend told me the sea lion and other sea creatures got some chemical burn, in the sea area near Eastern Japan. :(
Android, good to hear from you, and good to know you are busy for work. Nowadays we need to keep busy. :)

Happy New Year!

Stella said...

You are right Sea.
Thank you.