Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Autumn review: dinner buffet at Espresso, Intercontinental BKK

The prime rib and the house-made ice cream are still kept at good quality.  All the other cold and hot dishes are at average to above average.  As noted, it wasn't crowded as before, or even considered as pretty empty.  Good for me to have an ambient dinner simply for the prime rib and ice cream.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes just go there to crave for prime rib already worth the bucks.

Stella said...

Is this the place we had curry crab?
And the hot bread on the table was so nice that I had 3 rounds.

in the sea said...

They should highlight their buffet as "prime rib" dinner instead. :)
SS, not sure if that's the one serving curry crab but their bread is pretty good.

Stella said...

Thank you Sea.
Yes I think TC brought me here once, I like the curry crab and the bread. But Chris said far from Lords Jim(because sushi not good here).

in the sea said...

Agreed that Lord Jim's offers a nice sashimi after all.