Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breakfast at Momo Cafe, MEA Sathorn Vista

Not just the hotel service is better than the other Marriott run properties, this Momo cafe branch outperformed the others, in terms of food quality and service.  Nice cold cut and fresh fruits and veggie.  Bread and pastry as well as coffee are not to be missed.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes, very nice breakfast. the cafe also serves nice lunch set at only THB 199++, incl. a fresh salad bar.

Stella said...

Just seeing the bread and toast already made me happy.
Breakfast in BKK is famous and good in price and quality overall. Even the AG humble hotel has excellent breakfast, a lot better than those 5-star ones in LA.

in the sea said...

Happy to see them keep up to its standard over the past 2-3 years. SS, if the clientele isn't that extra-ordinary, I would recommend you to try this one. There have been too many human-like scanners staying in this hotel.

Stella said...

Sounds like dangerous to come here.
I prefer to save my bullet for Lord Jims or other better buffet.
Oh I was told by a few that I shall try Clipper Lounge at MO in HK due to the good quality and good price.

in the sea said...

Yes, very dangerous if you are wearing something which can't be scanned. Those scanners would try hard scan it head to toes and toes to head desperately.