Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Spa and the gym. of Mai Khao Dream Natai beach, Phang Nga, Thailand

If a resort can hire more staff like the manager of this spa, it would have so much free word-of-mouth promo.  As I passed by the spa, the manager came to greet and invited me to take photos inside and even got us a brief tour of this spa house by showing a nice view from 3rd floor to the resort.  The manager also recommended their off season spa treatment at just THB950 for 90 minutes and very frank by telling that they needed to keep up with some business in any way, though I told her I was leaving an hour.  She expected people to spread the word for her and so as my appreciative gesture, I need to thank her and post about the spa of this resort.  Most of her, I didn't feel any pushing.


Mickey Mouse said...

Why not take a photo for her, with a V and smile on her face.

Stella said...

Soft sell is always better than hard sell as it is not pushy.

in the sea said...

Mickey, I'll go there again and re-take that photo, on our next stay at Aleenta. :)