Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Poolside bar, Mai Khao Dream Natai beach, Phang Nga, Thailand

I like the natural setting of the pool and the round shaped stone chairs at this poolside bar.  The food was prepared by the restaurant Leelavadee.  Quality wise, it isn't bad but if the price is taken into consideration, it's not so worth it.  What impressed me is the staff services.  As I told them the salad dressing wasn't right as per the menu's description, the staff came back to me "He tell me.  I tell you.  Sorry.".  That's why I like the resorts off those busy Phuket areas, since the local people are not so sophisticated.   It's my brain's vacation from not dealing with those city's common sophisticated people.


Mickey Mouse said...

Thai ppl in upcountry r more straight froward and honest, except those gangster-style tuk-tuk drivers, tour guides and tour related businessmen at Patong Beach.

Stella said...

Yes brain vacation as well as body vacation in such a nice place, also wallet friendly.

in the sea said...

And most of those at the Phuket airport. They often come to you "free ride" to your hotel but then quote a condition that you need to pay THB3k for a PP island tour (should be THB800 to 1,000).