Sunday, October 28, 2012

Summer Palace, Cha Am/Hua HIn, Thailand

Friendly reminder: At a recent visit, this place has a new policy and now requires the visitors to cover their shoulders and knees before going in.  No photo taking and shoes off inside the house.  To pay a further respect to this place, I decided not to go into the house.


Stella said...

I think I have been here with your guys from the surprised "trick or treat" trip.
What a good surprise and good memory.

Mickey Mouse said...

oh the 'no worry' palace. no furniture and no antiques so no worry!! LoL

in the sea said...

Yes, SS, that was a nice trip indeed!

Stella said...

Thank you Sea.
Good that we came here last time.
As for now if need to cover this and that and no this and that I probably will pass too.