Saturday, October 06, 2012

Natai, Thai restaurant, Mai Khao Dream Natai beach, Phang Nga, Thailand

Simply the name of this restaurant already caught me for my dinner, esp. it's in Thai cuisine.  The hotel has an interesting 20% on 20% off.  The bill shows a 20% off of each item and then in total a further 20% off.  I have read it time and again and see if I made a wrong calculation, but that is really a 20% on 20%, i.e. 36% off.  Though the prices are a bit high, with this 36% off, it was then lower than the common 5 star resort restaurant prices (about 10-20% cheaper).  Some of the dishes are quite impressive - the crab soup is very sweet and fresh.  Som tam isn't that heavily sweet and with lots of nice fresh string beans.  The minced duck meat salad is very nice too - very aromatic.  The restaurant has some sliding doors.  On the fine night, it would be so good having the night sea breeze coming in instead of the air-con.


Mickey Mouse said...

nice decoration and ambiance.

in the sea said...

It's good to come here during off season, and so I could enjoy the ambiance even more.

Stella said...

$10US for coffee is expensive.
Food looks good here.
Yes nice environment, nice deco, and nice setting.