Thursday, October 18, 2012

The power of music and a lunch at River Barge, Chatrium riverside BKK

 Music is a key part in many business venue for promoting the image, enhancing the atmosphere and generating more business.  However, when some negative music is played, all the above will be overturned.  When I had a lunch with my friends in this place, we kept on listening some very sad Chinese songs like 血染的風采 (bloody attitude),嘆三年 (sighing for 3 years)...etc.  Our mood was definitely turned down and though the food we ordered wasn't wrong, we didn't feel like eating.


Mickey Mouse said...

right. being Thai should be something to be proud of, why someone (esp. those in Bangkok) keep telling ppl that they r Thai- Chinese while they hv zero knowledge of the Chinese culture, they cannot even spell their name in Chinese.

my Western friends keep asking me why some ppl here keep 'remaining' others that they r Thai-Chinese instead of Thai, while these ppl was born in Thailand, speak only Thai (sorry not a word of Chinese, and not even English), and they look 100% Thai, not Chinese (well those whitening didn't help, just made them look so pale and fake).

being a Thai-Chinese won't make one look smarter, it is the education, IQ, social skill and working ability that makes one stand out from the society, not to whom that their ancestors r; otherwise they hv better said that they r Thai-African, as, if we hv to count our root, we r all from Africa.

Stella said...

You are right Mickey.
Yes music does play an important part in our life and emotion, whether positively or negatively.
I like cheerful music as that will boost up my spirit.
Also I like sunny day and warm weather for the same effect.

in the sea said...

Well, we can even claim we are Human-Earth as we are part of the Earth. :) This lunch, Zhoy Hing BBQ shop Wanchai was crowded with Thai tourists. Not the first time I noticed they visit Zhoy Hing.

Mickey Mouse said...

those Thai tourists can find their way to Zhoy Hing will never eat at Bangkok's Four Seasons Restaurant (not the hotel, but a cheap BBQ chain started from London).

in the sea said...

I think the BBQ pork of MK is even better than Four Seasons in BKK. :)