Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Back to ours - there's no place like home. A special dinner at Big Shanghai restaurant, Suk 24, Emporium BKK

Passed by this place hundred times and puzzled if I should go in.  Finally the clock was turned back...  Back to something we used to have...
And here we had a special dinner.  The most surprising thing is the classic and the original cooking of hot and spicy soup which the Shanghai's hot bean paste was used, instead of the white pepper that nowadays most restaurants use.  The other nice one is the stir fried eel, also a classic cooking with raw chopped garlic with hot burning oil to bring out the aroma.  The other dishes aren't the best, they are still pretty classic.  Most of all, we could be here on a special day, and right next to Emporium.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh this restaurant is very 'Shanghai street' ..

Stella said...

I can tell this is a Chinese restaurant.
Yes look like those from Shanghai Street or Chinatown.
The door looks familiar to me though.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's very Shanghai. SS, guess you must have walked by the entrance of this restaurant many times as it's just next to Emporium.

Stella said...

No wonder the door looks so familiar. Now I remember I walked here many times by myself when someone was sleeping. I came to next door(Naraya)to do shopping a few times.
There is a good spa on Soi 24 that I like the most; may be because this was the very first spa I visited in BKK.
This "Di Shanghai" is like those in HK 30 years ago. The fried eel dish is so traditional with sizzling oil sound. The eel dish is authentic although a bit oily.
I know TC enjoyed this dinner a lot with good friend and good memory.
Thank you Sea.