Friday, October 05, 2012

Breakfast at Leelavadee restaurant, Mai Khao Dream Natai beach, Phang Nga, Thailand

Leevadee is the all day cafe and restaurant of this resort.  It serves western cuisine in dinner time but I didn't try it as I prefer Thai food the most.  This restaurant is in a very nice gardening setting on the beach front.  The food quality is at average, but the service makes it up.  So you would feel like taking your time for a morning breakfast and enjoying a hot coffee on such a breezy sunny day.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh such a breezy and cozy breakfast, it is heaven on earth.

Stella said...

Yes very nice place and nice breakfast.
The whole BKK and Phuket are heavens.

in the sea said...

SS, the Northern part of Phuket and south west coast of Phang Nga up to Khao Lak are very nice and tranquil. For those who prefer something busy, the southern and central Phuket would be recommended, notably Patong. I somehow prefer the former one.

Stella said...

Yes Sae, you like the former one is because you are in the Patong alike HK all the time. And I am the opposite.
Yes when I go to BKK or Phuket or Hawaii I only like the crowded city part.
That is why when TC brought us to Pattaya the first time we were scared to death as we went to the quite part. The three of us almost wanted to pack and go back to BKK.

in the sea said...

SS, Patong is the busiest place in Phuket and also many Southern parts of Phuket are quite commercial. I don't like Patong at all. :)