Sunday, October 14, 2012

One bedroom suite, Marriott Executive Apartment Sathorn Vista, BKK

 The 2nd time I stayed at this serviced apt.  Service-wise, it's much better than JW Marriott and most other Marriott managed properties.  This one bedroom suite is very spacious with a standard living room and a comfy bedroom.  I'd definitely keep this one as my preferred choice in Sathorn area.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes, room is superb; but not the clientle, yuck.

btw, sooner or later BKK will also be invaded by those under-educated uncivilized money-is-king weather-worm, today at Central World, Siam and on BTS train, everywhere is loud noise of conversation, talking on phone in high db, shouting to husbands, these ppl r just un-human.

in the sea said...

Haha.. haven't come across the word "db". That reminds me of the golden time of Hi-Fi system.

When we see how most of the internet behaviour is, it reflects on our daily life gradually.

BTW, Samsung's new TV ad. slogan is "designed for human". :)