Saturday, October 20, 2012

寛窄巷子 (Wide and Narrow lanes), Hysan Place, Causeway Bay HK

 I got told that Wu Kong has a new subsidiary restaurant in Hysan Place.  For sure I went check but made a hilarious misunderstanding from the shop's name being a bit Northern China.  As I had the first bite, sorry I was a bit too rushing from not checking further if there are other similar Chinese provincial restaurants' names.  The food is just so so, but the deco. was good for those who like some old Chinese stuff.  Reminder: don't try the dessert, esp. the mini sticky rice dumpling in wine rice sweet.  Coming here for a tea and a bowl of rice is ok, but not the other food.


Mickey Mouse said...

fyi, the sibling of Wu Hong at Hysan Place is called BB1.

Stella said...

I almost thought this is at "Chong Quan Oh" TVB City.

in the sea said...

Thanks Mickey.
Yes, SS, the food is also very TVB studio city - only for watching.

Stella said...

So only make-believe food "good to look at but not good to eat at" then.

in the sea said...

It's ok to eat but not that impressive.