Saturday, October 20, 2012

Passion by Gerard Dubois, Cafe and Deli, Johnston Rd. Wanchai HK

Finally I find a right place for some real salad, sandwich and pizza at reasonable prices in Wanchai.  The others I had in Wanchai (Star Street) were a bit disappointing.   Salad is at around HK$40-60 depending on the size.  On the photo shown here is the largest.  Pizza at around HK$70-90.  Nice coffee too. The cakes and pastry are pretty nice though not the best.  However, there aren't enough seats in the shop.  Most of the time, I couldn't find a seat, except the first visit, I could take a photo of empty seats.


Mickey Mouse said...

wow if u didn't mention, then i would think that u r in Italy ..

nice to hear that (finally) Wanchai has a good bistro with a good price.

in the sea said...

Mickey, this shop is a pleasant surprise to me after all the failed trials in Wanchai. Though it's now very busy, I still enjoy going in for a look.

Stella said...

Yes this place is very European at first glance.
I like Illy coffee.