Saturday, February 11, 2012

The new lounge, the Wing, Cathay Pacific, HK Airport

The Wing (near gate 2 of HK Airport) has gone thru' 3 months of renovation, and resumed its services as of this month. I miss their noodle bar a lot. Their wonton noodle is a nice treat before your flight taking off. What's more, there are more varieties of food, including hot and sour soup which I found some very nice dried mushroom. Their pastry and cookies are unexpectedly good. Peninsula catering really got a good merit on all these food services.
This new lounge has more seating areas and long or short bars serving drinks, cafe, ice cream, pastry to sandwiches. Noted quite many different chairs, couches, sofa...etc. You should find one which makes you feel comfortable.


Stella said...

Nice lounge and setting.
Haagen Dazs ice cream again huh.

in the sea said...

:) I could take 3 at one time, but lately the maximum is 2.

Stella said...

Wow 3 at one time huh. So you beat me.
I can only take 2 at one time.
Good that CX has control to 2 only otherwise they go broke.