Monday, February 27, 2012

Cafe Boheme, Cannes, Southern France

Noticed this new comer in Cannes and gave it a try. Was impressed and a few days later I brought my colleagues to try it. I took their dinner set at around Euros 36+. I chose a half dozen of live oysters as appetizer. So fresh that it has some crunchy texture. So as to make it less guilty, I ordered a side order for a green salad. Then I took a veal escallop as main course. Very tender and a very nice rocket salad with light olive/lemon dressing. Check photo 6 grilled tuna. It's the best tuna steak I have ever tried! Note that there isn't any sauce on it, simply because it's so fresh. I took their house made ice cream. Very nice texture and not so sweet. Their creme brulee is very aromatic. I'll put this new restaurant in my future eating agenda in Cannes.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh oyster oyster i love u, the food looks very authentic and home-style, of course authentic, in France ma ..

those Thai born European-cuisine chefs and local tv-foodies (so-called) shall go to c what French cuisine is, and how they eat, fresh ingredient, lightly or no marinated, light or no sauce, not fish swimming in a sea of heavy sauce ..

Stella said...

The piggy bread here looks crispy and yummy. Also the cream brulee.

in the sea said...

Quite some people have been spoiled by sauce or can't eat without sauce. That's very harmful for our body if we take too much sauce.
SS, forgot telling you I had 3 baskets of these junior baquette breads.

Stella said...

Wow you are also a bread person like me then.
Yes 3 baskets is usually my consumption for piggy bread too.