Saturday, February 04, 2012

Hotel Petit Palace Museum, Barcelona, Spain

This hotel is renovated from an old building and its second floor is a small museum place. That's how it's called petit palace museum. Besides, the hotel is under a High Tech hotel group with branches in other areas and cities. The room is quite spacious but lacks some basic facilities like electric kettle, not even they offer one for you upon request. The internet connection is very slow and in fact, in many other European places internet and phone connection are always of some problem. Maybe the cellular network is on strike. On one morning, a big demonstration was there in the nearby university. Quite intense.


Stella said...

The hotel looks very chic and artistic.
Surprised to hear the internet is slow in Europe.
Looks like everything is slow and laid back in Europe.
Even waiters in French restaurants here are so slow; very different from Chinese ones.

in the sea said...

It is quite a different world.

Mickey Mouse said...

wow a very classy hotel

pixmation said...

Hot Gossip on Canton Road had that red lip sofa as well. :)

in the sea said...

Wow.. that must be a real impressive place to you and that you can still remember it. :)