Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bangna Central & Seacon Square, Greater Bangkok

Bangna Central has meant so much to me as I brought my friends and families to try their rooftop water park in the late 90's and early 00's. Later on, the park was not maintained well, and that we found the hotels much better for water fun.
Recently I came back to this place and also to Seacon Square where I brought my other friends for crazy shopping. Seeing all these places means seeing all my friends. P.S. Bangna is about 20 km south east of downtown Bangkok.


Mickey Mouse said...

Bangkok's' best mall, Central World Plaza and the Terminal 21

don't know why i dislike the Siam Paragon, though i go there often .. may be too many sucks restaurants there?!

Stella said...

Did you bring me here yet?

in the sea said...

Siam Paragon has too many imported shops, but the restaurants are not on the same level. I also prefer Central World and Terminal 21.
SS, these 2 malls were not convenient for you, but now they should be ok. However, with so many malls in downtown BKK, save time for those. :)

Stella said...

You are right Sea.
I shall save mileage(and therefore time) in BKK so that I can see and eat more in limited time frame.

For those malls or eatery being too far or takes too long, I can just view for your blog instead of going live. Thank you Sea.

Even in LA I only limited to the 10-mile radius any way.

in the sea said...

Yes, at least you should visit numerous renovated Central Plazas... There are even some bigger ones coming like Grand Central and the Grand Emporium...etc.

Stella said...

Wow so many Grand things in BKK; really an unlimited gold mine.