Monday, February 13, 2012

Minibar Royale, Suk 23, Citadines, BKK

The visits at EST33 (CDC) and Minibar Deli (Emporium) made me long for this place and I came here twice already within a very short period of time. Among all those I have tried, I would highly recommend their sherherd's pie, duck confit, mini burger and caesar salad. Wish I could find it in HK.


Mickey Mouse said...

oh my Cod u really eat a plentiful brunch ..

the restaurant even (almost) made u settle with the hotel's queen bed .. a powerful minibar OMG!

Stella said...

The escargot and the "heart too soft" do look very delicious.
I think this is the hotel you mentioned to me once. Surprised this mini hotel have so many good snack dishes.
Also hard to believe some items you cannot find in HK.

in the sea said...

Mickey, a Chinese saying 愛屋及烏 (love it with whatever negative around it). :) As you know me, I don't even like soi 23 at all, not just Citadines.
SS, I can find those items in HK, but not as good as those made by Minibar, even their pie is better than those I tried in London. Yes, this is one of the choices of our last year trip, but they lacked something in the room. This place is at the basement of Citadines soi 23 (the opposite soi to 16/18 (where Column and Park Plaza are). :)

Stella said...

Good to know the pie inside this little hotel can be better than those in HK.
Amazing BKK.