Monday, February 06, 2012

Wok Oyisi, Barcelona, Spain

It's about 1pm something I was starving after a few hours of walking up and down in Sagrada Familia. Hesitated to go in this Japanese buffet restaurant, but paying Euros 8.6 for some Asian food didn't hurt much if it's not good. Turned out it's not bad and surprisingly the grilled seafood is very fresh and all are wild catch! The razor clams are even much better than those I have had in HK, and the shrimp is very tasty with much of sea water flavour. The restaurant is also popular for the locals as after 2pm, it's getting very crowded. The lunch buffet ends at 4pm. Euros 8.6 is an unbelievable price indeed in considering a local paela (Spanish fried rice on pan) can cost over Euros 10.


Mickey Mouse said...

yes the best ingredients r always those sourced locally, so the razor clams were fresh la, in HK they r imported stuffs .. shrimps in the Med water, of course very ocean fresh and taste with the sea water .. lucky u!

pixmation said...

I notice not much English in their signs.

in the sea said...

That's really one of the few things that comfort me from such a long hectic stressful trip in Europe - the nice seafood in Med. sea.
Pixmation, the people in Spain and France don't write English nor speak English much. There are times I ask if they have an English menu. The reply is "This is Spain. No English. I can tell you what's in the menu.". :) Historically, England and the other European countries were (and are) quite independent in terms of their culture and languages.