Saturday, February 04, 2012

Plane, trane, automobile - revelation from my European trip 2012

This European trip could be the most costly but the harsh trip I have ever had.
1. Got to pay for a premium economy class but almost got forced to downgrade to economy due to overbooking, but the economy class was full when I first tried to book the tickets 4 months prior to my travel. Ain't it ridiculous of this BA system for luring me to buy a premium economy ticket!
2. Flight engine problem that we were diverted back to the docking bay from the runway. That took us another tough afternoon to wait and wait.
3. Seeing so many people reporting their stuff being stolen or robbed and a long line at the police station.
4. Strike strike strike... shops closed, bus stopped. Almost couldn't get back home in time. Seeing people getting so awkward for a taxi to leave.
I feel like watching the movie "Plane, train, automobile" (starring Steve Martin).


Stella said...

I think this trip will make you more appreciative of all the cheap and nice flights to BKK or Taiwan lower chance of robbery or workers being on strike.
I assume the food in this trip cannot compare with those in BKK or Taiwan or HK too. May be expensive and not good at all.

in the sea said...

I like French cuisine after all. :)