Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jean Luc Pele cake shop, Cannes, Southern France

The shop was just opened on my latest annual French leave for Cannes. I was tempted to go in because of the strong aroma of its almond tart (photo 2). Out of curiosity, I tried their lemon raspberry tart (photo 1). Both are so much beyond my expectation. Nice texture and perfect sweetness. The lemon raspberry tart is very zesty and fruity but not that sour. Highly recommended!


Mickey Mouse said...

nice cakes and a colorful shop ..

Stella said...

So French pastry and cake well deserved its good reputation.
Nice presentation of the tarts.
Nice and colorful shop like the one inside Bellagio Hotel(Las Vegas).

in the sea said...

Actually this almond tart has its French term but I forgot the exact spelling (something like Gautinxxxx). Need to ask my French friend to rectify it.