Saturday, February 04, 2012

What I see in Barcelona, Spain

1/2. This kind of sign for the year of Dragon was put at every corner of the street.
3. What a pleasant surprise to run into this place which is in memory of the great poet Pablo Neruda (a Chilean poet and politician running between Buenos Aires and Barcelona). There is an Italian movie "Il Postino (The Postman) about Neruda. He was on exile in a remote Italian island. He met a postman and taught him how to write poets. After Neruda left the island, the postman recorded the sound of the island (wave, wind..) until one day Neruda returned. Neruda did but just a bit too late. This movie is on my most favourite collection.
4. Noticed quite many old buildings got torn down but the outer walls were preserved.
5/6. Lots of restaurants offer Al Fresco dining and some extra charge (about 20%) apply.
7. Spanish eat quite late, from 1:30pm to 3-4pm for lunch and 8-11pm for dinner.
8. We may almost forget Nikon, Pentax and Olympus used to have a lot of binoculars. Actually shops in Barcelona are still preserved quite in the 80's.
9-11. It "looks" this place is quite safe when police is all around every corner of the streets. However, be careful and alert all the time. No matter a baby's trolley got out of control or an old man stumbled, let the other local people deal with it. Don't mean to be mean but this is what I see, in addition to some visitors being robbed in the daylight, especially in here and Italy. Besides, pack your oldest or torn out clothes for the trip. Or put on some black and grey clothes. Be in low profile. See how those people wear in the other photos.
12. Noticed the kids still play the skate boards. Really in the 80's.


Stella said...

Nice street view in Barcelona.

But my friend said the food in Barcelona is terrible in her experience, expensive and not tasty.

We tried in Old Pasadena once and I agreed with her. Even that day I was hungry I still cannot eat much.

in the sea said...

That's why up until now I was posting scenic photos. The food is quite heavily seasoned.

Stella said...

Glad to know the food in Barcelona is consistent with those here in Pasadena, expensive and not impressive.
Any food is better than Barcelona/Spain food in my area.

pixmation said...

Nice catch in #20 :)

in the sea said...

Thanks. That really caught up my eyes. Again, if I am not now into taking photos, I wouldn't notice things like that. In another word, photography teaches us to see things from many perspectives. So we get more enlightened. It's a never ending world. :)