Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Spring Review: Falling favour with the Flavors, Cafe of Renaissance Ratchaprasong

While La Tavola and Fei Ya are still in good shape for delivering excellent food quality (service is still good in general for all the restaurants here), the Flavors disappointed me pretty much at my latest visit. The green salad and Thai beef salads are at average. The roasted spring chicken (photo 5) is very disappointing. It's about THB680 (half cut) but it's pretty dried out and the sauce is a bit heavy. The Pad Thai is another 180 degree turn around. Some marinated small shrimps were used and the stir fried isn't aromatic. It turned out it's just a stir and mix noodle with some soda-baking-feeling shrimps, which is so different from what they used to serve with nice fresh prawns and authentic tamarind aroma.


Mickey Mouse said...

from the pics, green salad , beef salad, and esp. the roasted chicken all look terrible; three months ago i went to Flavors dinner buffet, and it was a 360 degree turn from its previous quality, very terrible now! maybe the Marriott Cafe complained, so Flavors has to 'downgrade' herself, sucks ..

in the sea said...

Sad to see Flavors going in this way, as they weren't like this. Really 180 plus 360 degree big turn.

Stella said...

Glad to know finally there is a place with flavors level up with LA standard.