Sunday, February 26, 2012

Au Riche-Lieu restaurant, Cannes, Southern France

This restaurant is one of the very few that I have seen them still surviving in business. It also reminded me of a very good old business friend. He brought me to this restaurant 15 years ago, as he knew that I like small run restaurants. I recall we shared some comments and one is still fresh to me as "don't look down on small and new restaurants, as we were also small and once young. Looking down them means looking down our past.". He was a very senior person and often told me not to stress out myself since he noticed on my hectic meeting schedules in Cannes. He saw his younger time from my shadow making him recall how he was way back in the 70's of Cannes. He sighed "I did make much money but now I use this money for medicine to live on. You have to grab your time to see things other than your job....". I used to buy him some ginseng products on those years of trips to Cannes. Unfortunately for some reason, he got serious sick 10 years ago and we lost contact....
This restaurant Au Riche-Lieu serves some very local dishes. During lunch time, they have a Euros 9.5 lunch set for a main course plus coffee. FYI, taking one main course in many restaurants in Cannes can cost at around Euros 12-20. Tried their steak (photo 1) and seafood pie (photo 2). Both are superb, especially in considering the price. This restaurant is a very solid professional cooking uncle to me after all these years.


Mickey Mouse said...

a very nice bistro, i supposed it is seaside also; the seafood pie is quite interesting ..

Stella said...

So this old friend of yours did inspire you to enjoy life and play hard while work hard.
The seafood pie looks like "west rice pudding" though.

in the sea said...

Mickey, this shop is in some small lane quite behind the busy main street, but can still be considered as near the seaside, unlike the recent talk-of-town Cheung Kong Property claiming the same as waterfront condo. with balcony on 4th floor (turned out it's on G/F with a patio right next to a bus lane.. :)
SS, not because of him, I used to enjoy life when I was in school. The point of enjoying life is to make it with your work, family, friends, hobbies and leisure time. Without one of these, it can't be a really enjoying life.
The seafood pie is so good and I really miss it right now.

Stella said...

I do agree with your definition of enjoying life.
Not everyone understands the real meaning of "enjoying life" though.