Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Spring review: La Tavola, Italian restaurant, Hotel Renaissance, Ratchaprasong, BKK

Visited this Italian restaurant in the summer of 2011, and already got impressed with their service and food quality. Somehow the restaurant hasn't had a higher flow of customers on my recent visit, almost only 1 table of mine. However, the chef didn't get loose but delivered some very excellent dishes from pizza bread to the fruit salad dessert. La Tavola offers an incredible low price lunch set at THB350++, covering appetizer, main course and a dessert. On this lunch set I tried their sauteed mushroom, parma ham with baby rocket leaves salad as the appetizer, deep fried pork loin with french fried as main course and fruit salad with lychee sorbet as the dessert. The chef is very thoughtful in this arrangement for something refreshing as the dessert to offset the greasy flavour of the deep fried food from the main course. In fact, the pork loin and the french fried were handled so well that they taste very light and of course very crispy outside and moist inside. This lunch set really deserves a two-thumbs up!


Thailand Club said...

wow a wonderful hotel lunch at only THB 350++

Paranoid Android said...

Happy belated lunar year wishes to you, my friend. Hope you year will be filled with good things. Happiness, Health, Wealth, Beautiful memories and Good food.


Stella said...

Yea really good price for this good food.
The bread looks yummy.

in the sea said...

We need to support this restaurant more.
Thanks Android. Always nice to hear from you. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous year too!
SS, you should try the bread and I guess you would keep ordering it.

Stella said...

I just ate 3 baskets of bread tonight with colleagues from a French restaurant called La Vie on San Gabriel Boulevard in San Gabriel City. Highly recommended for Pixmation to try. Good French food with reasonable price.
This is like Thonglor level French Restaurant located in LA.

Would like to bring Chris to try this Sunday and take some photos for you and TC.

in the sea said...

Thanks SS. Look forward to the food photos.

Stella said...

We will go there tomorrow(Sunday) night(if we can be seated by 6:30 pm).
They only have about 8 tables.

80% of my friends know this place.
The father is the chef and son is the waiter. I just ate there Friday night. It is better than all French Restaurants in Old Pasadena including the famous Cafe Bizou that Pixmation knows. I am going to bring Lily Mo and her husband here in March when they come. Her husband is in love with LA as he says food is good and cheap in LA. Well, wait till he goes to HK and BKK.

La Vie French Restaurant:
2547 San Gabriel Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770
Open daily 5 pm to 10 pm.
Dinner only

in the sea said...

Sounds like you are their ambassador. :)

Stella said...

I like to share with my friends whatever I like or dislike.
Before Fatty comes home to do the photos, please guess how much we ate tonight for party of five?

We had the followings:
1) Escargot as appetizer.
2) Pea soup for every one.
3) Salad for every one.
4) Four baskets of crispy French Piggy Bread
5) Main course as follows:
Boneless chicken
Filet Mignon
Baked white cod
Pan fried Black cod
6) 2 orders of souffles
7) four coffee and one tea

1) Quality is way better than most of French Restaurants in Old Pasadena including Cafe Bizou. Also similar to those we ate at Thonglor.
2) A lot better than the one we had dinner for your Birthday. The one we have to dress up and walk far and almost got lost......
3) The only French Restaurant still way above La Vie is Le Normandie. Le Normandie is still an AAAAA in terms of food quality and price not in proportion.

Whoever guess the price right can get a free dinner here.

in the sea said...

Well, I can't compare it as I didn't try the other one in Old Pasadena. I would guess the bill is about US$120. :)

Stella said...

You are close enough Sea.
What a good guess.
Bill was $126 before tax and $138.96 after tax.