Thursday, August 02, 2012

2012 summer review: 阿一鮑魚, Ah Yat Abalone (Cantonese cuisine), Ramada riverside BKK

The seaweed pork soup, lotus patty, steamed fish, steamed pork patty, rice in lotus leaf with abalone sauce and red bean sweet are all very HK local style cooking. Nice patty and nice soup boiling and not that salty. The fish was somehow a bit undercooked but still pretty good. However, the veggie was in a wrong cooking somehow but I guess it's the misunderstanding of the trainee chef from not getting "veggie stir fried with 2 patty slices (芥蘭炒二崧)". The 二崧 2 patty slices are referred to the fish patty and squid patty which are pan fried and cut in slices. Somehow they mixed up and put the deep fried basil and preserved veggie and it's actually after our reminding them the veggie should be with 2 patty slices when the dish was first served with the veggie only. Fortunately all the other dishes are still so good that we wouldn't mind this dish to be in an alternate cooking.


Mickey Mouse said...

a nice meal, and Ah Yat is still the no. 1 choice of Cantonese restaurant for me (in BKK i mean).

Stella said...

All the dishes here look so good.
Yes I like Ah Yat in BKK too.
The manager is nice to give us some free stuff too last time.

in the sea said...

Yes, it's the best Cantonese restaurant in BKK.