Sunday, August 12, 2012

Falling Basil, Thai Basil, Pacific Place, HK

Haven't been here almost a year. The long queue just discouraged me every time when I tried to visit. A few nights ago, I thought I had the luck but turned out this place isn't the same. The seafood is overcooked in the risotto and the risotto much too chewy (actually hard to chew as it's just stir fried with too much oil without enough stock. So it took away the seafood moisture and so the seafood is too dried out and overcooked.). The other hot dishes are so so. The worst is their ice cream. Very disappointing that the texture isn't firm enough and not smooth either.


Stella said...

The photos look good though.

Any way, good to hear there is long line restaurant not so good in HK.

in the sea said...

The photos look good indeed but the ice cream is very horrible. It was once very good and my favourite restaurant.